99 reasons to attend
Weekend With WOOD

(at told by previous Weekend With WOOD attendees)

2017 Weekend With WOOD attendees pose with cordless tools following the completion of the Charity Build, supported by Ridgid and Ryobi.

2017 Weekend With WOOD attendees pose with cordless tools following the completion of the Charity Build, supported by Ridgid and Ryobi.

  1. “This year was such a positive experience, and I will be ready for more inspiration by next year.”

  2. “Everybody, I mean every person of the staff, was ON and it showed throughout the weekend.”

  3. “You get your money's worth in Brian Simmons' classes. His instruction is clear and his ability is evident.”

  4. “Everyone who had a part in it is to be commended.”

  5. “Three words about the door prizes: Over the top.”

  6. “I love learning about woodworking, and you guys do an AWESOME job teaching it.”

  7. “Although I didn't win anything, those were some great prizes. Great sponsors!!”

  8. “I don't NEED to attend Weekend With WOOD. If I wanted to research a particular topic, I could do so on my own. But as long as God lets me, my attendance will be certain—and supported by my wife. The variety of subjects, basic and advanced, great fellowship… I'll be there!”

  9. “Holy cow, the food was amazing. Please pass along my gratitude to the kitchen folks. Outstanding job.”

  10. “Jim Heavey is truly one of the greatest guys I've had the pleasure to learn from. I aspire to learn half of what he knows! I wish he was my neighbor.”

  11. “Great instructors and a broad range of topics. Weekend With WOOD gets me fired up about my woodworking.”

  12. “The WOOD staff IS OUTSTANDING. They made us feel right at home!”

  13. “Kevin Boyle is very down to earth and has an excellent demeanor. He clearly knows his stuff, but keeps the class fun.”

  14. “Sitting in classes with other woodworkers being conducted by experts (who are also good teachers) is a great way to spend a weekend in May. Being at WOOD headquarters with the staff and all the other participants is a priceless opportunity.”

  15. “Unbelievably outstanding! I noticed no drop in enthusiasm or energy from the WOOD staff all weekend—none. Amazing!”

  16. “LOVE this event and look forward to next year.”

  17. “The folks working the event are top notch! Well done.”

  18. “It's just so GREAT to immerse into something I love, exchanging ideas with others of similar love.”

  19. “Best-in-the-business customer service during the event.”

  20. “Tom McLaughlin takes what looks tough and shows you how to approach it with confidence…”

  21. Weekend With WOOD is a wonderful resource of many experts and fellowship with other woodworkers, all conducted by a superb team from WOOD magazine.”

  22. “The swag bag was awesome! Great job!”

  23. “I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I was very impressed with the organization, quality of instruction, and quality of the food.”

  24. “LOVE the USB drive with the complete contents of the magazine and back issues. It's a *wonderful* feature of the conference.”

  25. “I have been woodworking for 45 years, self-taught. This was my first class and I learned that I'm a pretty good amateur (and that I have a lot to learn!). All of which is good!”

  26. “The ‘swag bag’ was great! I had not expected so much value.”

  27. “Will be using this new information forever.”

  28. “Great learning opportunity, nice folks, and good staff.”

  29. “Been waiting to do this for four years. And I was not disappointed.”

  30. “Great facility and so welcoming.”

  31. “Learned more in 2 hours than I have in all my previous years.”

  32. “This was my third Weekend With WOOD and I have never been disappointed. Each year is better than the previous one.”

  33. “The Charity Build gave all participants a sense of accomplishment and community, things greatly needed in today's society.”

  34. “The provided class outlines will be very useful as a resource in the future. I added notes as I attended each class.”

  35. “OMG! This class was a GAME CHANGER for me! I have soooooo much to learn! “

  36. “Loved the Charity Build. I consider it a duty to give back to the community that is giving so much to us during the Weekend With WOOD event.”

  37. “Everyone I met and spoke to was very helpful and friendly.”

  38. “It is a great privilege to be in the heart of WOOD's compound.”

  39. “The WOOD staff was amazing and went out of their way to help me every day.”

  40. “I like that he stopped during each step to explain the importance of the step. I felt like I could take his instruction and apply my learnings immediately.”

  41. “Great location with a great staff”

  42. “You all are fantastic!”

  43. “All of the instructors are so knowledgeable and approachable.”

  44. “Facilities are top notch!”

  45. “Food was excellent and plentiful.”

  46. “I've attended his classes before and will jump at the chance to attend his classes in the future.”

  47. “You all get a 125% rating!”

  48. “I am totally impressed that you are able to give door prizes away, and all the Charity Build tools as well. This is UNBELIEVABLE, honestly!”

  49. “Nothing but good things to say about WOOD staff. I recognize they are giving up their weekend and appreciate it.”

  50. “What a difference this class will make in my work.”

  51. “Everyone was ready to help at any given time.”

  52. “Unbelievable! Thank you sponsors!”

  53. “These two classes alone have made the trip and expense worthwhile.”

  54. “I'm not sure how all of the WOOD staff keeps up the energy and enthusiasm for the entire weekend, but it is wonderful!”

  55. “Perfect venue.”

  56. “Just inspiring how Brian ‘melts’ away all the shavings and produces a work of art!”

  57. “The support staff was superb! Always available, and helpful.”

  58. “I enjoyed seeing the WOOD workshops. It’s nice to see real-world workshops, instead of just tools and merchandise in a trade-show setting.”

  59. “You have some of the best and friendliest customer service people around!”

  60. “It was good to see all these joints made first hand.”

  61. “The facilities are set up well for an event of this type.”

  62. “Best customer service I have ever experienced.”

  63. “After taking this class I feel more comfortable trying to tackle chair building.”

  64. “It’s cool being in the place where the magazine is produce.”

  65. “Can't wait to apply all my ‘NEW’ knowledge!”

  66. “It’s great to walk the halls where MY magazine is created and the projects come to life. Anywhere else wouldn't measure up.”

  67. “Wow, I've been doing so much so wrong for so many years.”

  68. “The Charity Build is one of the highlights of the weekend, actually getting to build something!!”

  69. “I struggle with using the hand plane and John Olson’s class got me up and running. It was one of the first things I tried when I got home.”

  70. “My first time, better than expected.”

  71. “Kevin Boyle covered a lot of subject matter and gave me a lot of new knowledge.”

  72. “All the classes exceeded my expectations. It was great to see the actual projects that have appeared in the magazine, and so fun to meet and interact with the WOOD staff.”

  73. “After reading articles on the subject matter, Weekend With WOOD puts it all together right in front of you. You just can't beat the live experience!”

  74. “Great classes, instructors, and variety of classes. And Dave and all the WOOD staff busted their butts to make a great event. Everyone was so friendly.”

  75. “Finding someone who can create and instruct at the same time is rare. I learned a lot from this class.”

  76. “I always learn a new technique and/or better way. Seeing it done in person is the best way. It is also a great mini vacation.”

  77. “Because of this class, I have planned some projects that I would never have considered before.”

  78. “I got to select the courses I was interested in, networked with woodworking experts, and met a lot of friendly people.”

  79. “Outstanding! This was one of those ‘why didn't I think of that?’ kind of classes and it gave me a whole new perspective on building jigs. Tom McLaughlin is pretty awesome!”

  80. “I've received more, and better, in my four years of Weekend With Wood than I've received from all other programs put together.”

  81. “LOVED this CNC class!! It removed many of the hurdles I had put up and help me get started using the software.”

  82. “Look forward to it every year. Great staff, very helpful, great information and training.”

  83. “Great to be in the presence of a Master!”

  84. “You'd have to be blind to miss the passion of the WOOD staff: giving up their own weekends, not getting paid overtime, but they still smile and dedicate themselves to the us."

  85. “Tom McLaughlin is a great teacher. He is patient, answers the questions people have, and demonstrates the entire process.”

  86. “Professional staff, presenters, and it addressed all skill levels. Well done!”

  87. “Wow! Terry Moore’s tablemaking class let me know that I must attend more of his classes, especially about veneering. And he's a pistol!”

  88. “The staff were amazing, the instructors I had were knowledgeable and talented, and it was great fun all around.”

  89. “Enjoyed Terry Moore very much. A master at his craft. He was entertaining as he instructed. Hope you have him back in the future.”

  90. “I consider Weekend With WOOD essential to my progression as a woodworker.”

  91. “The door prizes are ridiculously generous gifts. Many thanks to the donors!”

  92. “It is evident that John Olson loves what he does. I appreciate his instruction in hand and power tools.”

  93. “I still have a LOT to learn and your classes still have a LOT to offer me. Good trip for us to get away from ranch and do some fun things as well.”

  94. “George Vondriska is very knowledgeable, and gets into details and tips at the right level for both novices and advanced woodworkers.”

  95. “My wife is already talking about returning next year.”

  96. “George Vondriska is a woodworker’s woodworker!! So much knowledge!!”

  97. “One of the highlights of my year.”

  98. “Brian Simmons was awesome. I really learned a lot from him.”

  99. “This was my first time attending this conference and I think it was great!”