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2014 Testimonials

Thanks for a great weekend!

Here's what attendees had to say about Weekend With WOOD 2014:

"I learned more than I ever imagined… Who gets a chance to learn from experts very often??? A treat!"

"I was impressed with the small class size and the quality of your presenters.  The venue is perfect for this type of event."

"Other events I've attended were good but not on the same level as Weekend With WOOD.  Overall I would recommend this event to any woodworker."

"Top talent.  Well organized."

"Wow, this was so impressive!"

"I have been to a lot of conferences and workshops with my job, including coordinating and hosting statewide, regional and international conferences.  If not the top of the list, Weekend With WOOD had to be right next to the top."

"I learned a great deal of techniques, enjoyed listening to experts in various fields."

"As a newcomer to woodworking, I was afraid that some classes would be over my head.  To my delight and relief I found them all enjoyable, understandable, and enriching."

"The large video screens were VERY nice and helpful.  Good idea that was well executed."

"Just way 'over the top' as to everything that you did.  I wish I could have figured out how to go to every seminar!"

"I knew I was in for the skills and concepts but the extras were more than I expected. The swag bag, the welcoming attitudes of the WOOD staff, the tours and history lessons, the camaraderie found in this shared passion..."

"Smooth, organized, friendly…"

"Every aspect exceeded my expectations, a tribute to superb planning and execution."

"I went to the first Weekend With WOOD, and thought it was great.  This one was even better.  I will be going back next year."

"Way above anything that could be expected."

"I knew I was going to learn a lot, but was blown away at the quality of instruction.  Only wish I could have taken all the classes."

"Expertise of the presenters and the hospitality were top notch!"

"I expected one or two of the presentations would be mediocre. I was wrong. They were all great! "

"WAAAAY past excellent!!"

"I liked hanging around with the instructors and other attendees. Great to network with each other."

"Just wish I had registered earlier so I could get some of the other classes. Next year!!"

"The meals were great and Friday's time at the pub was a terrific idea."